Hi, I'm Soul...

…the owner of the beauty center “Alma Salud y Belleza”.

I have more than 22 years in the world of beauty and I have been a pioneer in micropigmentation.

At my center, I like to focus on personalized treatments that enhance each person's healthy, natural beauty. I am in constant training and I have specialized in Master Ericson, molecular nanocosmetics and state-of-the-art equipment, such as radiofrequency, virtual mesotherapy, dermapen and neodymium yag laser

I want my clients to feel that in my aesthetic center they are cared for with love and dedication.

My work focuses on philosophy, the slow beauty that it is not only about the treatments themselves, but also about creating an environment of relaxation and disconnection so that my clients can enjoy a moment of tranquility and inner peace while the treatments are performed.

We offer a wide variety of global treatments, both facial and body, to cover all the needs of our clients and achieve the best results. 

Definitely, my goal is to make my clients feel special and pampered at all times. I hope to see you soon at “Alma Salud y Belleza”!

Because slow beauty?

He slow beauty is a philosophy that focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of each person in a sustainable and healthy way. This is a more mindful and relaxed approach, moving away from the idea that beauty is all about instant, superficial results.

In a beauty center that follows the philosophy of slow beauty, the treatments are designed to be a complete and pleasant experience for the client, and not just a quick solution to a problem. The idea is that the client takes the time to take care of himself and relax, enjoying a moment of disconnection while the treatments are carried out.

In addition, the beauty centers that follow this philosophy they usually use natural and organic products in their treatments, avoiding harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the skin and the environment.

Another important aspect of slow beauty is personalization of treatments. Each person has unique needs and characteristics, and a beauty center that follows this philosophy will ensure that treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

In short, slow beauty is a more conscious and sustainable approach to beauty that focuses on the complete customer experience and enhancing the natural beauty of each person.

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