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The “Ferrari of Beauty” Multiply the results. Three therapies in your facial session

1- Radiofrequency, enhances the very nature of your skin.
2- Virtual mesotherapy allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin without needles
3- Functional cosmetics, achieving the most advanced and effective, painless and non-invasive aesthetic technology that offers the best results in facial treatments.

The protocol ends with indirect RF that passes through our hands 🙌 with a yoga massage with a deep relaxation effect

Incorporates specific protocols for

⏩facial treatments:
– lifting effect
– facial oval
– wrinkles
– sagging or bags and dark circles
– neck and neckline

If you do 6 sessions (1 session a week coinciding with the skin regeneration cycle) you will be able to re-educate your skin by awakening it and making it stay young, firm and healthy by activating your own production of collagen and elastin.
Book your wellness experience. It's always a good time to take care of yourself.

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Ericson Treatments

The nanocosmetics of the future already in Alma Belleza y Salud

Revolutionary facial treatments from Paris with obvious results from the first session.
With a minimum of 4 sessions with a frequency of one session a week coinciding with the cell renewal cycle (28 days) we manage to re-educate your skin with lasting results.


Is how to wear an instagram filter 24 hours a day!

triple peeling: microdermabrasion, acid and enzyme peeling for healthy, luminous ✨ and renewed skin!!
First and essential step for your perfect skin.

The result is like a medical peel but without the unsightly peeling effect.

Thanks to the reticulated papain your skin continues to renew itself progressively for another week.

Discover the experience of the rebirth of your skin!

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Intense hydration and nutrition

Your secret?

Lipidure: adjusts the level of hydration based on external humidity.

Aquaphyline: directs the circulation of water 💧 from the dermis to the epidermis and increases hyaluronic acid.

Moisturizing Micropatch: stores active ingredients to be released into skin cells

Essential step to be comfortable in your skin and prevent premature aging.

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Vitamin C Energy

Double multi vitamin treatment and vegetable taurine. A "Red Bull" for your skin

 Revitalizing energy booster
The solution for those who never stop!
Do you want “indefatigable” skin?
This amazing treatment allows you to work on various aspects so that you have a shot of energy in your skin!
-🏵️Contribution of a BOOSTER rich in TAURINE
-🏵️Maximum recharge of MULTIVITAMINS
-🏵️VITAMIN C concentrated at 20%

-🏵️Enjoy the spa experience of this treatment, its aromatherapy, the deep relaxation of its HIGH FREQUENCY massager of 6000 micro vibrations per minute.

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Anti-stain and rejuvenating

Non-photosensitive depigmenting treatment, illuminating.✨, antiaging and zero aggressive.

What more could you want?

Your homogeneous, light and younger skin.
Just perfect.

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slim face lift

Gold threads without surgery and the gym for your face

Get the same effect as gold threads, but without surgery!!
As its name suggests, with a lifting and slimming effect.
Redefine oval, eliminate double chin (double chin 😅)
The gym for your face without effort!

– Refinement and reduction of fat accumulations.
– Lifting by focal adhesion producing a greater firmness of the elastic fibers of the skin

Innovative medical aesthetic treatments that offer us an alternative to surgery with obvious results.

Do you want to try multitherapy? It is addictive!
Be the best reflection of yourself @!

Do you want to see how it works?
slim fit

Sensitive Pro


Smoothed and repaired skin

Authentic sensation of well-being and comfort on your skin

Calming and healing effect to reduce inflammatory messengers.

Redness and irritation are reduced, the skin is more balanced.

Strengthening of the skin barrier

More resistant skin against external aggressions
Increases skin tolerance to irritants.

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Biologic Defense

Do you notice your decompensated skin, especially in the perioral area? Do you get pimples when you have your period?

Without a doubt this is your treatment!
INCREASE your natural PROBIOTICS and achieve the HORMONAL BALANCE of your skin


Advanced Cellular Stimulation for the 21st Century

💮 Stimulates the ecological and biological balance of the skin
💮Compensates for hormonal imbalances
💮 Effectively protects the skin against environmental aggressions: bacteria, parasites, pollution, UV radiation, cellular fatigue and stress.
💮Recommended for all skin types in women from 20 to 50 years old

Biologic DEFENSE supports the defensive functions of the skin thanks to a double balancing effect. R.establishes the ecological and biological balance of the skin. Allows you to restore the natural balance of skin flora.
Your perfect specific treatment in the cabin and also a complete range within which we advise you which are your ideal products for your skin at home.

eco-balance cleansing milk
eco-balance cleansing toner
eco-balance make-up remover
Cleansing and revitalizing mask
SERUM BOOSTER eco-balance
AQUABACILY moisturizing cream
TONIBACILIA Vitalizing Cream
SENSIBACILIA soothing cream
NUTRIBACILIA ultra nourishing cream
SOUL BEAUTY AND HEALTH, Your Wellness Space 💜




Your ally in menopause




The PREMIUM SUPREME PACK to prolong the results of the cabin at home contains:

Maximum Lifting Cream
– Super Power Lifting Serum

Remember that we take care of your skin in the cabin, but the work must be as a team to achieve the best results

Actibiotic Acne



Hormonal regulation, skin detoxification, seborrheic regulation, mattifying shiny skin, and prevention of residual marks from pimples. Anti-Bacterial Action. Blackhead removal
Get purified skin!

In this treatment, both in the cabin and at home, powerful active ingredients have been integrated that manage to combat even acne.

Do you want us to reveal the best-kept secret of its active ingredients?

DERMAPUR is a powerful phytocomplex (extracted from meadowsweet) that stimulates the synthesis of the skin's natural antibiotics, helping it defend itself against the microbial invasions responsible for acne. The skin's natural defenses are activated.

ACNET is an active ingredient from Biotechnology that acts simultaneously on all oily skin problems: hyperseborrhea, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial development. Fights all the parameters that favor the appearance of acne.

BIODEXTROL Active from Biotechnology that changes the solubility of testosterone, thus reducing hyperseborrhea. The gland is no longer stimulated and immediately resumes its normal activity.

Book the experience of your personalized high-performance treatment and achieve purified skin

Do you want to see how it works?
Do you want to see how it works?

Eye contour treatment. Bioptic. 360º multi-care

Eye contour treatment. Bioptic. 360º multi-care.

Magic for your new look, young, radiant and rested.

Forget about dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging.

Shall we tell you how?

We take care of your eye contour, even the most sensitive ones, with Bioptic, a professional expert treatment in the cabin with molecular nanocosmetics combined with ocular pressotherapy with which we enjoy an extrasensory experience of deep relaxation, while achieving a synergy that multiplies the results.

Shall I reveal his secret to you?

I present to you the four essential active allies:

  • Forget about eye bags and dark circles thanks to its active ingredient Redulite, a diuretic and draining phytocomplex of elderberry extract.

Did you know that eye bags can be edematous (lymph stagnation) or genetic (excess fat cells in the suborbicular cavity)?

  • Say goodbye to “crow's feet” and sagging thanks to Microcollagen, microfragments made from natural collagen that penetrate into the skin and stimulate fibroblasts
  • Silox GT anti-fatigue active ingredient. Elasticity and tone for tired skin, a rested look due to its richness in bioflavonoids
  • Vegeseryl – Hydrosolution of phytoproteins with tightening, firming, anti-wrinkle and regenerating power

Treatment duration: 45 minutes in a specific “eye beauty” protocol, with which you will enjoy a relaxing detox effect yoga massage and a firming kobido massage.

Make an appointment and take care of your eyes!

ocular pressotherapy


Enjoy an extrasensory experience of deep relaxation
You receive a draining detox anti-dark circles massage, drains inflammation, eye bags. Perform digital pressure on the temples that even combats migraine.

We could say that it only lacks music 🎶, well not even that since you listen to relaxing melodies that transport you to feel in the middle of nature🌱

– Eye hydration.
– Refinement in the eye contour.
- Improves blood circulation.
– Reduces crow's feet.
– Promotes drainage of the bags.
– “Lifting” effect to improve elasticity.
– Helps lymphatic drainage.

What are you looking forward to trying it for?


It is a device that consists of 11 microneedles that perform micropunctures on the skin, stimulating fibroblasts, responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, which serves to firm and rejuvenate the skin.

It is very effective in reducing expression lines, wrinkles or minimizing acne marks and scars.

Make an appointment for a personalized diagnosis.

skin care

Skin cleansing with ultrasound plus a hydration bath for your skin with a collagen veil, enhancing its effect with diathermy.

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